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Online Store

These rugs are made in the large area bounded by the Caspian Sea in the west, part of Russia in the north, Iran in the south, and Tibet in the east.

The Turkoman tribes are chiefly horsemen, and they have had a tradition of rug-making for centuries. The Italian traveller Marco Polo, after his visit to Turkmenistan in 1280, gave a glowing account of the beautiful, densely-knotted rugs.

Red is the predominent color of Turkoman rugs, though in many shades, right from scarlet to wine and liver-color. One essential reason for the red ground-color is that nomads have fewer resources than the Iranians, for instance, and are mainly dependent upon red dye-stuff obtained from the madder root. Another reason for the deep, sombre color of Turkoman rugs is that the Turkoman tribes, being daily exposed to strong sunlight, feel the need of a dark color to rest their eyes.

The basic motif in the design of any Turkoman rug is the octagon or "gul". 


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