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Online Store

At the Savonnerie factory they used to weave not only rugs, but also insert for fire screens, table covers, covers for day-beds, covers for benches, chairs, settees, portieres, wall decorations, portraits. There is even only one casket that was covered with Savonnerie weaving. Of course, the floor carpets were the most important part of production at the Savonnerie factory.

The most Savonnerie carpets were commissioned by Louise XIV for Louvre and the Chapel of Versailles. The Savonnerie tapestries, carpets are in the Waddesdon Manor in England too.

The interesting fact is that you can find different shapes of these carpets, not only rectangular, square, round, oval or octagonal. Since most Savonnerie carpets were weaved as a commission, they were made exactly for a certain room and had to fit that room. For instance, there were Savonnerie that fitted the room wall to wall with the gaps for a fireplace, etc...

As for the looms they used at the Savonnerie factory. The researches of the Savonnerie carpets insist on (based on the old inventories they found) that the Savonnerie carpets were weaved on vertical looms with a running knot. The looms were 2 different sizes. The big ones which varied from 25 to 36 feet in length and they were used for weaving carpets; and the smaller ones, which were less than 6 feet and were used for weaving pieces for furniture and for the training of apprentices. The looms were constructed like those for high-warp tapestry weaving.

The technique of knotting of the Savonnerie rugs was comparable with high-warp tapestry weaving. The difference is that the tapestry weaver worked from the back of his tapestry, the carpet weaver - from the front. Sometimes it took about 40 weavers to weave one carpet, mostly of the weavers were men. One weaver, working on a vertical loom, produced approx. 1 square meter per month. The finer the thread was, the longer it took to weave. There were Savonnerie Carpets woven with wool and there are those woven with silk. Sometimes they added gilt or silver thread to the wool/silk for tapestries, and then it doubled the time of weaving.

The Rug Kits include everything you need to complete a project:

- silk gauze (due to the size of a project, we supply unframed silk gauze). Please, contact us if you need a different count of silk gauze than the specified in the description of a kit.

- sufficient amount of floss (some kits are supplied with DMC, some kits are supplied with silk floss of suitable brand as indicated)

- a needle

- a pattern with color symbols (due to the size of a project, patterns are printed on multiple pages)

- easy to follow general instructions.

You'll need to have a frame, light and magnifier (if necessary)


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